A Complete Tool for IT Expertise ~ Uniting Various IT Tools in a Disk, Facilitating Various IT Problems.

Supports use on Gaming PCs

This project has supported to use of the latest UEFI-x64 SecureBoot devices.

Supports use on Modern Laptop

Keep enjoying your work without worrying about damage to the system on your Laptop.

Supports use on Windows Tablets or Surface Pro

We have developed the UEFI usage feature for your Tablet.

Very Reliable for Repairing Your Desktop PCs upto Server Devices

This project will make it easier for you to manage your business desktop devices.

Still Compatible for Older Devices

Don't worry, we will retain the Legacy features.

Online Payment via PayPal

ITPS is an open source project, please download the Rescue version available on this website for free, to be used or developed into your own version of creation. Meanwhile, to be able to get a higher version (premium version), an upload fee will be charged if you want to download it.

IT Tools Pack Solution 2020-Unlocked Enterprise Developer Full Sources (€42,25) here

IT Tools Pack Solution 2018-Unlocked Enterprise Sultan (35,55 €32,25) OFF 10%

IT Tools Pack Solution 2018-Unlocked Professional (€27,55 24,55) OFF 15%

IT Tools Pack Solution 2018-2020 Standard (€14,75)

1. Make sure you understand the explanation above and also accept all contents of the terms & conditions document that we provide before paying the premium version of the source of the IT Tools Pack Solution Project, on the following page :

2. Not all tool features available in the Enterprise version are provided in the download link on Google Drive such as USB Sergei Strelec, Kali Linux, various linux variants in the Linux Distributions feature and several other tools because you can download them directly from the official website to get the latest updates.

3. ITPS Premium Edition are supported for pure-UEFI SecureBoot mode on WinPE & Windows Installation.

4. If you buy the ITPS Professional or ITPS Enterprise package, you will get free updates as long as this project is still being developed.

5. We will send a Whatsapp or Telegram number after you buy the ITPS Premium package, and specifically on the Professional & Enterprise version, we will support you through Team Viewer / Anydesk if you have problems with installing UEFI source into Flashdrive / HardDisk.

6. You will get access to join the Whatsapp ITPS Premium Community, get update information and support from the community.

7. Please send questions to our email at itps.mail.id@gmail.com if there is still information that you feel is unclear.

Thanks & Regards,
Founder & Developer ITPS Open Source Project.