A Complete Tool for IT Expertise ~ Uniting Various IT Tools in a Disk, Facilitating Various IT Problems.

Supports use on Gaming PCs

This project has supported to use of the latest UEFI-x64 SecureBoot devices.

Supports use on Modern Laptop

Keep enjoying your work without worrying about damage to the system on your Laptop.

Supports use on Windows Tablets or Surface Pro

We have developed the UEFI usage feature for your Tablet.

Very Reliable for Repairing Your Desktop PCs upto Server Devices

This project will make it easier for you to manage your business desktop devices.

Still Compatible for Older Devices

Don't worry, we will retain the Legacy features.

Privacy Policy

On this site, we, as the founders of the IT Tools Pack Solution Project, are very concerned about the privacy of visitors, because for us, this is a very sensitive thing. This privacy policy document will explain the types of personal information collected and issued by the site www.ittoolspack.com as well as the data sources that we have designed for the creation of the source package.

Visitor Privacy

Maintaining your privacy when visiting the site www.ittoolspack.com is very important to us, and that we will not send your privacy data (such as email addresses, computer IP numbers, operating systems, web browser programs, etc.)  to any party that is not related to the site www.ittoolspack.com. We are committed to respecting the privacy of anonymous visitor data collected.

Legalization and Source License of the IT Tools Pack Solution Package

We are aware that all sources available in the IT Tools Pack Solution package, all release versions, Are Not Our Copyright@Copyleft. The thing that needs to be emphasized from this is that the design and construction of this project is only to collect various uses of IT tools which we then summarize and we make a data package without changing the source code of the source who holds the copyright in their respective results.

Be sure to correct and understand all of the Terms & Conditions and License Agreement documents that we have poured on this site, before you download and use the IT Tools Pack Solution Project source package.

Privacy Changes

From time to time, we may revise this Privacy Policy. All substantial changes in this policy will take effect immediately. This Privacy Policy was last updated on: Sunday, 01 April 2018, 21:55 PM.