A Complete Tool for IT Expertise ~ Uniting Various IT Tools in a Disk, Facilitating Various IT Problems.

Supports use on Gaming PCs

This project has supported to use of the latest UEFI-x64 SecureBoot devices.

Supports use on Modern Laptop

Keep enjoying your work without worrying about damage to the system on your Laptop.

Supports use on Windows Tablets or Surface Pro

We have developed the UEFI usage feature for your Tablet.

Very Reliable for Repairing Your Desktop PCs upto Server Devices

This project will make it easier for you to manage your business desktop devices.

Still Compatible for Older Devices

Don't worry, we will retain the Legacy features.

Get The ITPS Premium for Free!

Hello IT friends, there is good news for IT friends who also work as content creators, that from now on, you can get sources from ITPS Premium Edition for Free! the way is to take part in our rewards program, by creating some content discussion about ITPS on the Blog, Website and Youtube that you manage, as can be seen in the following table :

How to get it is easy, if you have a blogger who is more than one year old, then make at least 3 original content about the discussion of ITPS Rescue on the blogger, and if the requirements to get the ITPS Standard version have been fulfilled, then please you claim the reward to the email address : itps.mail.id@gmail.com to get the Standard version of ITPS for free!

If you still want to upgrade to the Professional version, then make additional content again about the discussion of ITPS, whether it's about the Standard version that has been obtained or remain on the content version of the Rescue (certainly with a different topic than before).

If you want to get the Enterprise version for free, then you must have a website with an advanced domain (ex: .com .id dll), or you can also create a video content that is uploaded via Youtube.

Example of content title :
- How to Make Bootable ITPS 2020 Rescue Disk into Flashdrive with Rufus
- How to Convert MBR - GPT Disk with Minitool Partition Wizard via IT Tools Pack Solution
- BackUp Data on a UEFI GPT Disk Using IT Tools Pack Solution 2020 Rescue Disk
- And others

We await the results of the creation of the content, buddy! and make sure the content is original content!
Happy working :)

Note :
Started at 25-02-2020,
Currently we are building a Youtube channel that will discuss various unique tricks about the Windows operating system and the use of various IT Tools, if you can help us accelerate the development of our Youtube channel by Subscribe-Like-Share-Comment (actively interacting on the channel), well.. then you can later get a prize from us in the form of access to download ITPS Premium for Free !!

ITPS 2020 Community Edition (ID-Only) - Install Sources into a Hard Drive



  1. Terima kasih mas Edi, berkat IT Tools Versi Professional banyak solusi yang telah saya dapatkan dalam mengatasi berbagai masalah. Terakhir HDD External saya yg sebtelumnya tidak terbaca kini sudah berfungsi kembali.

    Kini saya bermaksud meng-update IT Tools Professional yg sudah lama belum pernah saya update. IT Tools Professional saya dapatkan pada Maret 2019. Bisa tolong dibantu? Terima kasih sebelumnya.

    1. Halo mas Dadang, tentu saja saya siap membantu mas, silahkan kirimkan pesan ke nomer Whatsapp atau kirim ke email saya ya mas untuk bantuan technical supportnya, Terimakasih mas telah menggunakan ITPS Pro dan semoga selalu bermanfaat.. :)