A Complete Tool for IT Expertise ~ Uniting Various IT Tools in a Disk, Facilitating Various IT Problems.

Supports use on Gaming PCs

This project has supported to use of the latest UEFI-x64 SecureBoot devices.

Supports use on Modern Laptop

Keep enjoying your work without worrying about damage to the system on your Laptop.

Supports use on Windows Tablets or Surface Pro

We have developed the UEFI usage feature for your Tablet.

Very Reliable for Repairing Your Desktop PCs upto Server Devices

This project will make it easier for you to manage your business desktop devices.

Still Compatible for Older Devices

Don't worry, we will retain the Legacy features.

Enterprise 2021 - Server Edition

This new project is designed to make it easier for you to meet all the needs of complex IT problems in your Company, What is different from this version?

- Easy to Use : Burn sources via Acronis (For the first, you must be download the source file around 152GB Full Sources via Google Drive / you should have an internet connection above 15 mbps)

- Supports ISO Live CD and WinPE Plug n Play

- Can boot to MAC Devices via Clover Bootloader

- One disk is enough to meet all IT needs in your Company

- Install the operating system on the Server Devices in your Company easily

- Supports various bootloaders starting from Legacy, UEFI Grub2 Linux, UEFI IA32 up to SecureBoot UEFI x64

- Easy to Windows Installation : You can install windows through an ISO file that you like (specifically for ISO versions of Windows Vista or higher)

The Latest Update On : 02 NOV 2021 B2111

Payment :

[- Indonesia -]

IDR = 250K (1 Tahun Update)
IDR = 100K (Upgrade Version [Member Only] + 1 Tahun Update)
IDR = 350K (Plus ITPS Rescue Disk Developer Full + 1 Tahun Update) SAVE 100K! 
Bank BCA Account ID : 7865208324 | A.N. Edi Sucipto
( INFO Selengkapnya tentang "Pemesanan ITPS Premium" bisa sobat dibaca Disini )

[- Other Countries -]

USD= 35$ via PayPal (2 Years Free Update)

USD= 12$ (Upgrade from Previous version [Member Only] + 1 Year Free Update)

USD= 50$ via PayPal (Plus ITPS Rescue Disk Developer Full + 2 Years Free Update) SAVE 10$!






Installation Windows via ISO Files (Unlimited Windows ISO / Vista or latest)

WinPE 10 x64 Developer Edition (Install Windows via ISO Files by S-MINI Tools)



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