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Top 5 Adobe PDF Reader Alternatives That Do More & Free Edition

Edi Sucipto
Adobe Reader

ITToolsPack - These days, you don't want an app just to view PDF documents. each net browser can do this. in case you now and again create PDF documents out of office documents, you possibly use Adobe's Acrobat Reader. after all, Adobe is the Corporation that invented the Portable Document Format (PDF) File in 1993.

But whilst you want to use the Adobe app for some thing as simple as merging PDFs or rotating a web page, you may discover which you want to shop for the seasoned version. web tools may additionally seem like a solution, but locating a dependable net application that works each time may be challenging, plus they will now not be to be had while you need them, or reason privacy worries.

You may face a comparable trouble if you want to create or edit a PDF record natively. in case you are the usage of LibreOffice or OpenOffice, then you definitely have apps that can edit PDFs, but it truly is now not their primary purpose, so they will now not have the capabilities you want or be too complicated for easy PDF related responsibilities.

There are several PDF editors that provide free versions that consist of functionality that Acrobat Reader doesn't. This guide will assist you pick the great tool for you.

1. PDF SAM (Split and Merge - Basic)

Split, Merge, Rotate, Extract Pages and Mix your PDF | Available for Windows/Linux/macOS


PDFsam (short for PDF Split and Merge) is a free and open-source tool for manipulating PDF files. It is written in Java and runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. With PDFsam, you can split PDF files into multiple smaller documents, merge multiple PDF files into a single document, rotate pages, extract pages, and more. PDFsam is a useful tool for anyone who needs to work with PDF files on a regular basis. It is particularly useful for people who need to manipulate large numbers of PDFs, such as office workers, students, and researchers.

The split tool lets you break a PDF into elements with any range of pages, or on unique page numbers. With "split via bookmark," you will be able to split the record at each bookmark of a unique hierarchical stage, or at each bookmark that includes a sure expression. The "split by size" device will assist you to split the document into documents of any size.

by using default, the app compresses the documents it creates to lead them to lighter, however if preserving the authentic high-quality is important, you could disable that option under "advanced settings."

The merge tool helps you to automatically create a table of contents, normalize the width of pages, add a footer with the name of the original record to every page, add a clean page after files with unusual numbers (useful for double-sided printing), and create a bookmark at the beginning of every entry, merge or discard interactive paperwork, or make them "flattened".

The rotate tool helps you to fast rotate all the pages, or just the ones with odd or maybe numbers. The extract tool is useful while you do not want the complete file. The alternate mix tool can assist when you need to evaluate two files page by page. PDF Split and Merge basic is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, with 32-bit systems, there are Portable Version is Available.

2. Sejda PDF Desktop

Convert to Word, Excel or JPG and Many More | Available for Windows/Linux/macOS

Sejda PDF Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop is a paid desktop software application for manipulating PDF files. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With Sejda PDF Desktop, you can split PDF files into multiple smaller documents, merge multiple PDF files into a single document, rotate pages, extract pages, and more. Sejda PDF Desktop also includes additional features such as the ability to add and edit text, images, and annotations in PDF files, as well as support for password-protected PDFs. 

Sejda PDF Desktop offers interesting advantages for those of you who deal with digital documents every day. In an increasingly sophisticated era, the development of document formats has become more and more.

Of course, each document format has its own advantages, such as Doc and Docx which are easy to access and edit. Then there is PDF, which is accessible and maintains the original quality of the document.

Sejda PDF Desktop is a tool that you can use to manage PDF documents more simply. Instead of recreating the document because of a typo, you can directly change the sentences in the PDF document just like using Word.

3. Bullzip PDF Studio

Split and Merge your PDF Files | Available for Windows Only

Bullzip PDF Studio

BullZip PDF is a free and open-source tool for creating and manipulating PDF files. It is available for Windows operating systems. With BullZip PDF, you can create PDF files from a variety of different document types, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also use BullZip PDF to merge multiple PDF files into a single document, split PDF files into multiple smaller documents, rotate pages, and more. BullZip PDF also includes additional features such as the ability to add watermarks and passwords to PDF files.

In case you need to replace your current PDF viewer with one that is also able to rotate pages, merge pages from special documents and remove pages from a document, PDF Studio is a super option. all of the app's features are easy to find as most of them are found in the top toolbar.

Choose from the toolbar what to do with the mouse: select text and pictures, scroll by dragging with the hand cursor, zoom in by clicking, highlight text, strike through it, or underline it.

To use the app's great feature, choose "Merge & Split" you will can choose which files to include in the procedure, or you can also add documents by using clicking "open" or by dragging and dropping. PDF Studio additionally helps you to rotate pages, or drag and drop pages to change their order.

4. Inkscape

Vector Images Editor Applied to your PDF Files | Available for Windows/Linux/macOS


Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With Inkscape, you can create and edit vector graphics, such as logos, diagrams, and illustrations. Vector graphics are different from raster graphics (such as JPEG and PNG images) in that they are made up of mathematical formulas that define the shapes and colors of the graphic, rather than a grid of pixels. This allows vector graphics to be scaled and resized without losing quality, making them ideal for use in design and printing. Inkscape includes a range of powerful features for creating and editing vector graphics, such as the ability to create and manipulate paths, apply gradient fills and strokes, and work with text and images. It is a popular choice among designers, artists, and hobbyists.

Inkscape is better referred to as an SVG editor, however its scalable vector nature also makes it best for creating PDF pages, with text and illustrations that appearance simply as sharp on any size of paper. As a graphical editor, it could add and put off pics, but also move and resize current ones.

5. Scribus

Create your PDF Files from Scratch | Available for Windows/Linux/macOS


Scribus is a free and open-source desktop publishing (DTP) application. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With Scribus, you can create professional-quality documents such as newsletters, brochures, and posters. Scribus includes a range of powerful features for layout and design, such as support for CMYK colors, spot colors, and ICC color management, as well as the ability to import and manipulate vector graphics and images. It also includes support for professional-grade typography, with features such as advanced character and paragraph styles, kerning, and baseline grid alignment. Scribus is a popular choice among graphic designers, publishers, and individuals who need to create professional-quality documents.

if you need to create a PDF from scratch, then Scribus can be the app for you. text and pictures are added in frames, which is useful for holding a text in a particular area or using only parts of pictures. by right-clicking on an object, you will be able to turn it into a frame, edit the text in it, move it to a special layer, or mark it as a PDF annotation or bookmark.

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